Ohh Deer Pillow Fight

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I have the exciting news of telling you all that I currently have a pillow on sale with the lovely Ohh Deer company who have are running a competition for illustrators and designers to enter in their designs for a pillow to sell on their website. However they couldn't decide from all the wonderful entries and are having a second round to the competition. This is the exciting bit! You can now buy my entry for a limited time of three weeks My design has had some great feed back which I'm very pleased about. Would be lovely to win but If you check out the rest of the entries you'll see what I mean when I say competition is fierce! Some very talented new designers on there with amazing work. Please do check out the entries and let me know what you think of my pillow design on here :) 

I have been shortlisted to win! I am so happy :)

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