The stress and doubt begins

Monday, 2 December 2013

The stress has been pilling on and the first term of third year is already coming to an end. I have hit the worrying stage of what will I do after the next six months. I'll have no more security of tutors and funding to allow me to create everyday and this is seriously worrying. I know I'm most likely to not get a job in the art industry straight away (or possibly at all). The reality that I need money to pay to be alive really dawned on me during my year in industry, and just how little people would pay me if any doing what  I love. I know many people who are on my course or studying art and design feel the same too.

Its becoming very real that this last six months could possibly be the last period of time I'll have the chance to be creative every day. As you can tell I've been feeling a bit down and worried the last could of weeks. And my projects have suffered because my brain won't stop thinking of what will I do next? Where will I live? will I have to go back to admin work? Which one of my biggest fear, I have been working for my dad doing admin work in the summer since I can remember and it is always the longest worst couple of months of each year. I really hate it there, and even my friends say I'm terrible to be around while I'm working there. The experience has really pushed me to work hard so  I don't have go back to this type of work know matter what! And has fuelled my determination to succeed in the creative world. I do however know I'm lucky to have a possible job of any sort to fall back on as some of my friends who have graduated have had no luck in even retail let alone design or illustration jobs. Really sorry to put all these negativity onto my blog its just me venting.

I'm still trying to look on the bright side which is I have a some time to get my portfolio together and get my work up to scratch to come out of university fighting ( as cheesy as that sounds). If you have read all of this thanks for listening and my moan will stop here.

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