Surface Design

Saturday, 16 November 2013

I'm now back at university to finish third year (eek) its strange to be back to education after a year of internships and dealing with real life. Its as it I'm back in a bubble where tutors have very different views to work that is in industry. I'm loving being back to use the work shops though! The technicians are worth their weight in gold, and are always keen to help you learn a new process or help you use the facilities to suit your needs. My work has started to become quite pattern base, and the surface design course has been kind enough to let me sit in one their lessons and use their screen printing room. I have been using my cut outs to create stencils and learning to use procion dyes to print my very own fabric! Its been amazing so far, a really long process but worth it in the end. I'm hoping to produce a range of home wares for one of my final major projects. I'm also sitting in on the ceramics work shops and hope to get my designs on dinner ware at some point :) Its an exciting start to the year, also extremely hard work but got to make this last year count!

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