Many Hands Internship and HELLO Studios

Monday, 5 November 2012

 I have been helping out collage artist Ciara Phelan run the Many Hands shop and learnt so much about what running your own shop takes. Theres a lot of book keeping and spread sheets plus the visual up keeping of products and the online shop takes quite a lot of time. Theres also the social media aspect of keeping your products known and generating new things to say and post. I run a little Etsy shop at the moment which has been quite slow, I can see where I've been going wrong! I have invested in some proper lighting equipment and set up a space at home to photograph products better. I learnt a lot about shooting models and paper sculpture which was invaluable experience. HELLO studios is one of the most beautiful studios I've worked in so far, and so many talented people doing different things its a wonderful place to work and I hope to ever be as lucky to rent a desk space in a place like this.
I have been working on some collages for my portfolio, Many Hands have kindly let me work on an previous editorial brief based on an article which explores the impact of music in film classics. It was a really fun topic to explore and Ioved playing around with sound waves and shapes to create the two images. I decided on a spot colour to really emphasis the importance of sound in contrast with the imagery. 

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